Meth Rehab Program

Meth is not only highly addictive it is highly dangerous.  To learn more about finding the right meth rehab for you and to get help now.

Meth use is pervasive, it is an especially toxic drug due to the ingredients and with long term use it usually leads to incarceration, psychological problems and even death.  The approach we choose to take with meth is that we consider the addiction a serious, life threatening problem.  If you or someone that you know, and love uses meth, we advise you to reach out for help.  We believe that meth rehab should utilize a medical, psychological and social model for recovery.
We hope to be able to understand the patient from all three aspects, work with the patient to find out what drives them to use from each aspect of health and assist them in learning coping skills so that when the desire to use again occurs they can overcome the desires to relapse.  Aftercare planning is an extremely important aspect of recovery, and we feel that for each one of our inpatient treatment programs.  We will help you not just learn coping skills, but how to live life sober after treatment, work with you on what you will change about your life and who you will continue to get help from in the future.

Million of Americans have used methamphetamine in the past year.

Thousand of people start using methamphetamine each year.

Thousand emergency room visits each year are due to methamphetamine usage.

Billion dollars is spent on methamphetamine every year.

Signs You May Need Help

The philosophy that we have with your use of meth is that if it harms you socially, emotionally or physically you should consider treatment.  If you can’t find joy in the things that you loved before using, you most likely should seek help.  If your relationships with friends and family have become damaged due to your use, then you might want to consider rehab.  If you end up committing crimes to support your addiction, then you should seek help immediately.

Meth Dependency and Detox

Most people who abuse meth require detox.  We suggest a medically supervised detox that typically last 24 to 72 hours.  Once you finish the detox you will then enter the treatment phase of your recovery.  Your Admissions Counselor will take an assessment of your usage and work with you to determine if medically supervised detox is an option for you.

Approximately 22 million people need treatment for alcohol and other drug use but less than 1% receive treatment

What will Treatment be Like?

If you are wondering what treatment will be like, don’t worry!  It is natural to be concerned about what alcohol inpatient treatment is like.  We believe that the best way to describe it is that you will be part of a group of people that care, and the focus will be on your recovery.  You will have a mix of group meetings and have individual counseling.  After a short detox period, where you will understand your addiction and what causes your excessive drinking.  You will have an opportunity to meet with nurses and doctors and then we move you into aftercare planning, where we work with you so that you can make your own decisions on how to live your life without alcohol.   While you are staying with us you will have the opportunity to exercise, participate in group outings and develop lifelong relationships.

Financing and Insurance

We do accept most insurance carriers.  We also realize that not everyone has insurance, we work hard to meet the needs of almost anyone.  We can help people obtain low cost financing and we also have access to low cost treatment programs.  We are here to save lives and not complicate the issue.  Call us today to find out more.