Dealing with insurance providers is difficult and frustrating to say the least. Our philosophy at Rehab Recovery is that our clients should be focused on recovery, not on dealing with their drug rehab insurance providers. We make it simple and easy to determine what your insurance provider will cover and what they may require as a co-pay. What makes things even more complicated is that your insurance provider may pay for a larger percentage of the costs associated for care at one treatment facility as opposed to another.

Why Working with Rehab Recovery Makes Sense.

We help you not only verify your drug rehab insurance coverage and benefits, we maintain a wide variety of facilities to choose from nationwide and we are able to help you get admitted to a treatment center that your insurance provider will pay the most for themselves.

How do I Verify My Insurance Benefits?

Verifying your insurance benefits is simple and easy. Call an Admissions Advisor at Rehab Recovery today. They’ll take basic information about you and your policy and in many cases, during the business week, they can verify your benefits and get you admitted to treatment in the same day.

I Don’t Have Insurance. Can I get Insurance to Pay for Treatment?

Since health insurance companies are barred from excluding pre-existing conditions from health coverage, it is possible to get health insurance now if you don’t already have it to cover the cost of care. However, your co-pay may be higher than if you have had insurance for a longer period of time. Your Admissions Advisor can help you make an informed decision about acquiring new insurance and refer you to a state licensed insurance broker for more information.

I Don’t Have Insurance and I Can’t Afford to Pay for Insurance.

Even if you don’t have drug rehab insurance there are still options for treatment. Our motto at Rehab Recovery is “If You have the Will, We Will Find a Way.” By this we mean we will tirelessly look for options for you even if you do not have insurance or if financing is out of the question. We have low-cost, high quality treatment options nationwide.

Financing & Payment Plans

Alternatives to paying for treatment with health insurance include financing and payment plans. Your Admissions Advisor can help you apply for financing that will cover the cost of treatment and some facilities take payment arrangements in special circumstances.