Cocaine Rehab Program

Cocaine is a stimulant that is dangerous and can have major effects on your body.  To learn how cocaine abuse can affect you and what we can do to help.

Our approach to cocaine rehab is through an extensive medical/psycho/social model, and what we mean by that is that our focus with you is from a physiological profile, and from a social standpoint.  Our goal is to review your needs and identify your triggers and use them as a major part of our assessment to we can help you recover from cocaine dependence.
Many people that abuse cocaine also abuse other drugs and alcohol and our plan is to treat the individual with all the alcohol and different substances that they may abuse.


of Americans have used cocaine in the past month.


of adults aged 18-25 used cocaine in the past month.

Thousand Americans meet DSM-5 criteria for cocaine dependence.

out of 3 drug-related emergency room visits involve cocaine use.

Signs You May Need Help

You might have identified the following warning signs that you may need treatment for cocaine abuse.  Some warning signs are missing work, school, planned events and family gatherings.  If you find yourself that you have gotten in trouble with the law because of your cocaine abuse you might want to search for help.  If you have withdrawals, mood swings to include depression then you should seek help.  If you also use cocaine with other substances to achieve a greater high, then you should be admitted to a hospital and then seek help from a rehab immediately.

Cocaine Dependency and Detox

If you or a loved one wants to get over the dependence of cocaine with help from the withdrawals, then you should go to a medically supervised program for cocaine detox.  If there is a need to detox someone with multiple substance problems, please let the staff know when you call.

Approximately 22 million people need treatment for alcohol and other drug use but less than 1% receive treatment.

What will Treatment be Like?

If you are wondering what treatment will be like, don’t worry!  It is natural to be concerned about what alcohol inpatient treatment is like.  We believe that the best way to describe it is that you will be part of a group of people that care, and the focus will be on your recovery.  You will have a mix of group meetings and have individual counseling.  After a short detox period, where you will understand your addiction and what causes your excessive drinking.  You will have an opportunity to meet with nurses and doctors and then we move you into aftercare planning, where we work with you so that you can make your own decisions on how to live your life without alcohol.   While you are staying with us you will have the opportunity to exercise, participate in group outings and develop lifelong relationships.

Financing and Insurance

We do accept most insurance carriers.  We also realize that not everyone has insurance, we work hard to meet the needs of almost anyone.  We can help people obtain low cost financing and we also have access to low cost treatment programs.  We are here to save lives and not complicate the issue.  Call us today to find out more.