Aftercare Programs

What you do after you graduate from an inpatient rehab program is important, we help and assist you develop an aftercare program.  Call us today for more information

Aftercare Programs

After you have graduated from a residential facility that does not mean that treatment has ended.  We will work with you to develop a plan to have a support network for wherever you are to help you succeed.

Aftercare is a term that can be described as ongoing treatment or possibly follow-up treatment for people that has a drug or alcohol problem that has started their journey in an inpatient residential treatment program.  

The importance of having an aftercare plan established before you leave is important!

It will help you :

  • Have your life continue to feel like you have a sense of purpose and rewarding relationships
  • Maintain recovery
  • Relapse prevention


The main reason that continuing treatment is important is that in all situations is that long-term drug and alcohol abuse, can in some cases, alter the brain and prevent it from functioning normally. Once you stop using or drinking that doesn’t mean that the effects will be reversed, it is possible that they can last long after you have gotten clean and sober.

During the time that you are drinking and using, you can experience several psychological changes that can affect your behavior, the way you feel and that can stay the same even after you have sobered up. For this reason alone, it is important that you continue with your long-term treatment.

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