12 Step Programs

The 12 steps were originated by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and have been adopted by many other recovery groups.  To learn more give us a call today!

12 Step Programs

The 12 step programs can be a great support mechanism for people that are battling a variety of bad behaviors this can include substance abuse, alcohol abuse, eating disorders and gambling.  It is not difficult to find a 12-step meeting in your area and typically they are free to go to. You will find meetings for men and women, and then men only and women only meetings.

Meetings are throughout the world, and in these meetings, people are encouraged to adopt a set of principles that are focused around the 12 steps.  Millions have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body by bringing the steps into their lives. The people you meet have the potential of becoming lifelong friends with a strong bond.  

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