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Non-Judgmental Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs That Work for You

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What we do for a better Treatment

Our sole purpose it to help people that need inpatient drug and alcohol treatment by helping them get the care they need and deserve. Our nationwide network of facilities will help you get placed quickly. We offer diverse programs that will best fit your needs and take care of all the insurance and travel needs you may have.


Our process is to manage the admission from the start to finish so they can focus on recovery.

Facilities nationwide

Whatever your choice is we can provide you with a facility near the mountains, beaches or somewhere in between.

Complete TREATMENT with compassion

We don’t get you into treatment, our job  is to give you the needed tools for you to build a better life.

Call today so we can discuss with you how to quickly get you into treatment.

We strive to make it simple to get into a medically supervised inpatient treatment programs or a supervised detox. From executive rehab centers and also low-cost rehab we are here to help. We will supply you with the best option to help you get the help you need.

Programs That Work. Nationwide Help

Freedom from the bondage of addiction can help you move forward with your life in many ways.  Getting clean and sober can improve your health, build stronger relationships and help improve your job outlook.  Before you realize it you are living with a purpose. It is our hope that with the help of treatment you will be able to reclaim your life.  It is courageous to pick up that phone and ask for help but once you, you will find yourself on the way to recovery.

We Treat All Types of Addiction

No matter what you have become addicted to, we will be able to find the facility that best fits your needs.